The arm is one of the parts of our body that we love the most: we will tell you some really effective exercises that you may have forgotten. In this article, we discuss arm exercises for men. We will explain to you which movements can enhance your arms or which can strengthen your arms.

Everyone has their own goals. Therefore, we will recommend arm weight exercises that are effective for men. No more wait, let’s get started!

Exercise for your arms with weights: Each One has its own Benefits

Men always want strong and healthy arms or as I like to say “steel biceps and snake-shaped triceps”. When one thinks of strength, one cannot help but think of arms. The gesture that indicates strength is the contraction of the biceps. This is universally recognized. I believe that no one enters the gym and does not aim to have large, robust, broad and defined arms.

Few people skip arm training (I also want to say to leg training) because they are objectively the most natural muscle group to train and immediately show the results.

Arms exercises: Biceps

Below we see a shortlist of exercises for the biceps. It’s a list of my favorite activities.

Barbell Curl:

This is the prince of biceps exercises. It stimulates all 2 heads of the biceps decisively. It is the exercise for which you can load the highest load. I sincerely opt for a straight barbell and not the EZ bar. The reason is that the supination position is kept constant, which is the one that keeps the biceps contracted. I agree to lift a little less weight, but surely the blood flow is higher.

Dumbbell Curl:

This is the second exercise par excellence for the arms. Both in the sitting and standing versions, it allows you to reach a burning sensation and a pump that can only lead to the progressive growth of the biceps. You can perform the repetitions by alternating the arms or together. Lately, I’ve been using a technique that uses Phil Heat, current Mr. Olympia: 5 reps one arm and 5 the other, until I get 15 reps. I can assure you that your arms burn.

Curl the bench Scott:

We mark the bibliographic reference to Larry Scott Wikipedia. The bodybuilder from which it is named this tool and this exercise. This exercise is dedicated to developing the biceps peak. The bench limits the extension of the movement to concentrate stress on a particular area of ​​the biceps precisely to focus pressure on the fibers of the peak;

Rope Curl:

This old school exercise is my favorite exercise for attaching the brachialis. You can manage weight and concentrate stress on the outside of the arm.

Hammer curl:

Another exercise dedicated to brachial. Compared to the rope curl, you will use a dumbbell. Many consider it a fundamental exercise for the development of complete arms; I think it an alternative to other more valid exercises.

Concentration Curl:

This is another exercise dedicated to biceps peak, such as the Scott bench. There are several versions of this exercise; honestly, the one I prefer is the one that is shown in Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger, that is, without blocking the upper arm.

Exercises to strengthen the arms: Triceps

Below we see a shortlist of exercises for the triceps. Again it is only a partial list and includes some of the exercises that I consider most important.

French press:

The English name of this exercise is “skull crusher”, that is “skull smasher “. The exercise involves extending the barbell over the head and then to the forehead using the triceps. There is the version with a handlebar, which allows you to help and guide the movement with the other arm. This is the best exercise for the triceps you can try; it stimulates all 3 heads of the triceps and allows you to pull on important loads.

Push down:

In this case, we use an ercolina to extend a bar downwards (EZ in most cases). Be careful not to involve the trapezius this powerful muscle would cause the triceps to under work, which is your target muscle;

The dip at the parallels:

Put yourself in the middle of the parallels, tight grip and then down, trying to bring your shoulders close to the parallels. If you don’t go down enough this exercise is useless.

Rope extensions:

This exercise can be done above the head or down. I sincerely prefer the overhead version, because I’m sure I don’t involve the trapeze. Extend until the rope and arms are fully extended.

Dumbbell Extensions:

This exercise can be done over the head or with the torso at 90 degrees. Over the head, I think it’s a much more exciting version. One arm at a time with the other that helps keep the arm following the vertical exercise: this is how I do this exercise.

Arm exercises: forearms. These strangers

How many of you train your forearms? Raise your hands! The forearms are auxiliary muscles in all traction exercises. So having muscular forearms means not having problems in a large number of tasks, especially for the back (e.g. deadlifts, rowers with dumbbells or barbell).

Note: Always keeping in mind that every single muscle of your body is worthy of being trained!


The arms are one of the muscles whose size we want to increase more quickly. While there are plenty of exercises to train them properly, there are some that you may have missed along the way. Include these exercises in your routine and you will see how your progress increases rapidly.




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