As we all know that backbone is the main pier of our body and if we have any kind of back pain it makes our life really tough and we are not been able to perfume really simple regular tasks such as driving, office work, carrying weight and in some cases, it would not let us sleep. So having strong back muscles workout and keeping them safe from injuries is really important for us because it allows us to maintain our body and do all the routine works smoothly. To keep your back muscles strong the best way is to do regular exercise in order to achieve full fitness and strength of your muscles.

If you are a starter you have to keep this in mind that there are many awkward exercises which are hard to do and you have a big chance to pull your muscles so in order to keep your back safe and strong we put together some best back exercises which allows you to have a strong back without any injury or pull muscles.

Types of Back Muscles Workout

As far as back muscles workout is a concern you have to keep in mind that there are four primary muscles so you have to know that which exercise works for which muscle.

  • Lats

These muscles are available in the area below your armpits and down the side of your back

  • Rhomboids

These muscles are situated in mid-upper back

  • Traps

These muscles start from neck to your mid back

  • Erectorspinae

These are the group of muscles which runs beside your spine

All of these exercises that are given below Target all these muscles with proper combination

Dumbbell Row

This is the most basic and effective back muscle workout which allows you to fix many problems such as lower back compensation over stretch of the arm at the bottom of the movement. In order to get strong muscles you need to do this exercise properly

  • Make sure the back is fit when you get all four with a dumbbell in each hand
  • Hans have to be exactly below the shoulders and knees are below the hips
  • Extend your arm returning the dumbbell to the ground and do exactly the same with your other arm
  • Do three sets of twelve reps on each side as a beginners
  • Keep this in mind that right posture is the key


Hyperextension is a unique back muscles workout that requires no weight to carry and really effective for the strength of erector spine muscle and generally to the whole lower back. Body posture is also the key for this exercise

  • Lie down on an exercise ball with your abdomen on the centre of the ball
  • To keep your balance you need to press your feet into the ground
  • Extend your arms forward by banding at your waist and slowly raise your body towards the sky
  • Pause for some time in the same posture and then relax
  • Keep your feet on the ground to maintain balance
  • Complete three set on twelve reps each

Lat Pulldown

There are two ways to do Lat Pulldown that either you can do it on a machine at the gym or you can use resistance band to do this back exercise. Pulling down the weight from the above your head down to your chest gives strength to lats , biceps and even for arms.

  • If you are using machine for lat pulldown position your pad so it touching your thighs
  • Grab the bar wider than your shoulder width
  • Now sit back down and pull the bar towards your chest
  • Bending your elbows and directing them down to the ground
  • Keep your torso straight which helps you to avoid falling backwards

Wood chop

The wood chop is full body exercise best for your back arms and core muscles. You can do this exercise by using dumbbell or medicine balls for starters 10 pounds is a good weight to start the exercise

  • Grab the dumbbell with both hands
  • Hold it above you head with extended arms
  • Rotate you hips to left as you begin the squat down
  • Bring the dumbbell or ball down to the outside of your left knee in a sweeping movement
  • The movement looks like chopping motion that’s why its calls wood chop

Last Words

Keeping the back muscles strong is a healthy activity with so many benefits especially it makes your daily work routine easy and you can able to do all the routine works with ease and pain free. As the exercise describe above gives you a strong back with every muscle is safe from injury and get pulled over  but if you have a history of back problem its batter to consult a doctor before starting your workout routine.

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