From buses, planes, trains, to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest even at cafes, the most popular question is ‘which is the best skincare routine?’ Well, this mainly depends on the type of your skin. It’s not necessary that what works for one might work for another.

What you can do in this case is to adopt some healthy and universal practices that all the experts recommend. The changing weather is the perfect time to refresh and rethink our skincare routines, and that mainly includes how you look after your skin. The best skincare routine starts with the correct basics such as repairing, cleansing, protecting – if you get these right, and know exactly when to use and what to use, will make all the difference.

Though many advertisements and beauty gurus suggest various things, in our opinion you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best skincare routine. In fact, sometimes especially in this field “less is often more”.

Routines that are simple are the successful skincare routines. It should not be complicated neither it should be expensive.

For skin-care fanatics, it’s quite easy to get lost deep in the online shopping and beauty websites. So, irrespective of what your Instagram says, here’s what makes the best skincare routine, according to professionals:

Best skincare routines for every morning

In the morning, keep it simple and quick as possible especially if you had to rush for work. According to many skin specialists “If you want to start an effective skincare routine, it is vital to start out easy and straightforward.” Use only the necessary and minimum but effective skincare products to get the desired results.

Drink plenty of water

This look like a simple step. Something that we all know since we were kids. But till now years have passed, some people have a hard time doing it. So, for the best skincare routine, you will have to drink around 2 or 3 glass of waters every morning. Make it part of your daily routine.

Some people also use alarms especially at work to remind themselves to refill the water bottle until it becomes their habit. It may sound awkward to many but it has worked for many people to reduce dry skin problems.

Wear SPF – Sun Protection Factor

According to many experts, “If you don’t use SPF, it doesn’t matter which anti-ageing cream you apply.” If you want the best routine start your day with a sunblock.

If you are worried about which SPF to use on your skin, you can reach out to any expert or you can check out any reputable brand. There are many. Go get some protection and coverage with SPF

Best skincare routines for every night

Whereas the daytime is all about avoiding skin damages, “Nighttime is all about using powerful anti-ageing ingredients” to overhaul your skin.

Ditch makeup remover wipes

Try to get rid of your makeup wipes as soon as possible, especially if your makeup wipes contain any alcohol ingredient.

Usually, these makeup wipes are filled with various harsh chemicals. And when you remove the makeup with plain water, there is a chance that most of the particles are left on your skin. To get rid of these, you can use an oil-based cleanser.

Use a serum

In the night it is vital to use items that can refresh your skin while you are at sleep. For this purpose Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin E, and fruit acids are all best to use in the nighttime.

These all act as exfoliants and can remove dead cell effectively from your skin.

Use a moisturizer

Yes, you really need both serum and a good moisturizer. Use hydrating cream after using a serum. Using a good moisturizer before sleeping will help your face remain fresh and youthful. As we grow older our skin loses all the collagen, which over the time causes dark spots and wrinkles on the skin. Regular use of a moisturizer especially at night can help boost cell renewal process to decrease the rate at which our skin ages.

Best skincare routines – Once a week

Use a chemical exfoliant

The best skincare routine demands the use of an exfoliant. They are effective in removing the dead cells from skin and help to build-up new cells. These chemical exfoliants help to a great deal to bring back all the glow that you have lost over time.

Experts recommend using these chemical exfoliants 2 to 3 times a week. For better results, start with once in a week and gradually move ahead. When you will start using them you will definitely see the positive results immediately.

Use a Face Mask

To be honest: We all love face masks not only because of their abilities to make our face look absolutely marvelous but for how entertaining these masks are to use. Seriously, is there anything superior to just sit back and enjoy with a mask on? No!

Apply a layer of face mask to clean, the skin, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash your face thoroughly with warm water. You can use a face mask two to three times a week.

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