Nowadays, keeping your fitness is the most important and difficult task to achieve as we all know how unhealthy food we are eating and also our workout timings are equal to none. In order to stay fit and healthy, dieting is not enough because you have to work out to stay fit and active. Most of the gyms these days are pretty crowded, and you have to wait for your turn for the machine to do exercise, therefore, its batter to find a good workout machine which is safe, multi-tasking, portable and most importantly affordable for a normal person to get a proper workout at your home whenever you want.

Most of the people in the past think that having a treadmill at your home is enough to keep you fit and active. Still, these days modern technology has provided us with many different multi-tasking and easy to use workout machines which we can easily keep at home and do our workout whenever we want to stay fit and healthy. To buy a workout machine, we have to keep in mind some important factors which help us to buy the right machine under our budget and as per our requirement.


First, you have to decide that how much you can easily spend on your home gym as we all know that most of the machines are pretty expensive but if you choose the right one you can buy a good workout machine under 400$ to start with and then you can extend your number of machines as you get the budget.


Before buying your workout machine first, you have to examine that how much space you have for your homemade gym. Most of the machines are easy to use if you have a bit open space, so to buy a workout machine, first decide it as per your affordability and then the space you have to get maximum results in your workout time.

Which kind of workout

Before buying a workout machine, you have to decide which kind of workout you are looking for, either you want to do resistance workout, cardio, or weight lifting. Deciding your workout type is important because it helps you to purchase the right workout machine according to your exercise plan. Most people have bodyweight resistance machines available, and they decide to add some cardio, so they have to buy only some cardio equipment to complete their workout routine.

Target to Achieve

You have to decide your workout goals before buying a proper workout machine that what you are looking for to achieve with this workout equipment because if you are looking for weight loss or toning your body, the workout machine is different for both purposes. So before buying a workout machine, you have to decide your fitness goals which guide you through buying the right equipment as per your requirement and under your budget  

In our opinion, these machines are best for a workout:

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

concept 2 rowing machine

If you are a cardio lover Concept, 2 Model D is the perfect option for you to get best cardio exercise and you can do as intense workout as you want because this machine has a strength to exercise hard with only 8 feet by 2 feet space required and with only eight simple screws to assemble it this machine is undoubtedly portable, user-friendly and work efficiently.


  • Due to air resistance, the machine is very low noise
  • You can also have online workout challenges for this machine to improve your fitness
  • It also comes with wireless Bluetooth


  • A bit high in the price range

TRX GO Suspension Body Weight Trainer

TRX Go Suspension Trainer

A unique feature of this is bodyweight training is that it comes within the option of heavyweight training, and with the portability to use it anywhere you want, even you can have outdoor training sessions. The TRX GO Suspension Body Weight Trainer can easily carry 350pounds of weight, and it also comes with a year warranty plus its really cheap, which makes it an ideal machine for starters.


  • It has multiple anchors, and you can do outdoor workout sessions with it
  • Can carry up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Not suitable for a cardio workout

Final Verdict

Having a gym at home is a good and healthy thing to have and if you know the right workout machine according to your requirement its make the workout fun and easy for yourself so always choose the right machine which is as per your requirement and under your budget in order to get maximum results.

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