The best home fitness equipment allows you to exercise at home during the pandemic of coronavirus

Want the right home gym equipment when you’re trapped indoors during your coronavirus pandemic to keep you fit and healthy? The epidemic of COVID-19 has resulted in the closing of several gyms, so you can actually practice social distancing, so stay away from your gym if you have not. Yet everyone can always do their workout, and a home fitness room is an ideal solution.

Building a small fitness room doesn’t take a lot of money or space. You should focus on a few essential pieces of cheap home gym equipment with a minimal footprint.

For the right home fitness equipment, you can practice your own home in a range of ways, ranging from heart-pounding aerobic training to core strength training. Or maybe your physicality is more of a meditative yoga session. 

We divided the equipment into classes like best dumbbells, best yoga mat, best exercise bike, and best elliptical machine. In addition to the best home-gym equipment, fitness devices, including the best sports headphones and best fitness trackers, should also be considered. All the items mentioned have a lot of glowing ratings on shopping sites and are reasonably priced.

1. Bowflex® SelectTech Adjustable Weights


Kettlebells are often overlooked in gyms, but they can engage multiple muscle groups in your body, just like dumbbells. They’re great for building a foundation of strength and mobility. Kettlebell swings get your heart pumping, fat burning, and muscle toning (especially your posterior). 

Bowflex is a company from Vancouver, Washington, the U.S that has been making affordable home gym equipment since 1986. Bowflex® has received the prestigious ISPO Award as a Winner in the Health & Fitness category in 2018.

This adjustable weight Kettlebell can be adjusted from 3.5 to 18 kg, which can easily replace 6 Kettlebells with only one piece of this adjustable weight Kettlebell. This Kettlebell comes with an ergonomic handle that gives you an excellent tight grip to your sweaty hand to perform any HIIT workout at a breeze. The weight selection dial is straightforward to use, in which you select the weight you want with the turn of a dial. 3.5, 5.5, 9, 11, 16, 18 kg. It comes with a space-efficient size of 22.4 x 17.8 x 31.8 cm that you can store or put on any corner in your house or the car trunk.

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2. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Yoga has developed into a standard method of practice that increases strength, strengthens muscle tone, encourages movement, and relaxation. Studies have shown that yoga plays a significant role in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

From the start, Liforme’s innovative Liforme Original Yoga Mat has established one of the best and most reliable reputations in yoga. Liforme is well-known for providing excellent, biodegradable, and non-slip yoga mats with thousands and thousands of yoga mats sold across the world trusted to yogis of all levels, including some of the world’s top yogis.

The grip is one of the critical functions of a Yoga mat. When you mess around, the practice can be inefficient or risky. When Liforme searched the world for the best material for their Liforme Travel Pad, they took all this to heart to build this yoga mat. They claim that the most grippy yoga mat material on earth is their innovative “GripForMe” material. And it stays fluid even though it’s’ sweaty wet.’

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3. HulkFit 1000-Pound CapacityPower Cage

power cage

If one of these bad boys has enough space, get it. Your home gym should be built on the classic power cage so that you can exercise the three strength and conditioning training pillars: bench press, barbell squat, and deadlift.

The capacity of 1000-pound weight. High-duty square steel frame design with an H-shaped base for optimum stability and protection. If you select this option, the Wide-Grip Olympic lat pull-down attachment will be included. Two sturdy steel safety bars are built for your comfort with J-Hooks. There are also two additional J-Hooks and two dip bars. Multi-grip pulls up bars for full training styles on top.

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4. Everlast Heavy Bag Kit 

heavy bag

Boxing preparation includes multiple body areas: upper, lower, and core. Reaching a punching bag provides excellent aerobic training, enhances balance, increases stamina, and strengthens bones and ligaments. Boxing is also an ideal way to reduce stress and anxiety. And when you are there, you can learn self-defense skills.

This package comes with a heavy bag stand and a 70 lbs Everlast Single Platform. Heavy bag pack as the full package for your home gym. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand single-station meets all of your needs. 

With sturdy three-weight plate plates, the Everlast Boxing Bag Stand offers outstanding stability and is ideal for exercise. This stand can be quickly mounted and accommodate up to 100 lbs. The Single Station Heavy Bag Stand is made of high-quality powder-coated steel tubing. So its long-term reliability or longevity must not be taken into account if you are a heavy puncher. The Everlast 70 lbs Heavy Bag Kit is your cornerstone in fitness. To start exercising, conditioning in style, you’ll need a small punching bag, and the Everlast 70 lbs bag is the ideal option. With the Everlast 70 lbs heavy bag kit, you can jump into practice in no time, work up your muscles, and stay fit at home.

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5. TRX Suspension Training Kit

TRX Suspension Kit

The most compact and lightest Bodyweight Trainer! The TRX Fit Suspension Trainer lets you build workout sessions that suit your goals anytime and anywhere. TRX training helps you to use your body weight and strength with less time for more results. It weighs only 1pound, so it is easy to bring along when traveling. Some of the reviewers mentioned that it was easy to set up, attaching it to tree limbs and doors in hotel rooms whenever they travel.

The TRX Go Suspension Trainer is a great lightweight choice for travelers and digital nomads looking for a well-balanced workout. While it has some slight reliability issues and functional drawbacks for indoor use, it’s a perfect addition to health and fitness.


  • It provides a variety of standard routines that usually exaggerate workouts.
  • Arrange anywhere with a door that closes completely or with a solid overhead object like a tree.
  • Lighter than other multi-use exercise equipment and suspension trainers.


  • Sweat-absorbing foam pads can retain odor and wear over time, especially when your hands are likely to sweat.
  • The door attachment restricts the number of range of motion that you can use for such exercises.
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6. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Speed Rope

One of the leading fitness equipment is a regular jump rope.

Jumping rope is an incredibly useful practical exercise, which is why you can see it used in so many athletes ‘ training regimens for some sports. Jump rope exercise targets speed, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and concentration. It’s a fantastic aerobic exercise and builds shoulder strength, which is perfect for the legs.

If you’re an athlete of élite or a standard jumping rope Joe / Jane, this is the ideal rope for yourself. Ballistic nylon handles were paired with proprietary silky smooth liquid steel bearings and toped by WOD Nation with a kink-resistant steel cable coated in nylon. This jumping rope is not only fast, but also very stable so that you can quickly recover from inaccurate swinging.

This rope can only be used on a smooth floor, equivalent to all-steel cable jump ropes. Do not use on asphalt or cement because the rough surface destroys the cable coating.

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7. 321 Solid Foam Roller

foam roller

Deep medium density muscle massage and Trigger Point Release Deep tissue massager.

The 321 Powerful solid core, medium-density foam roller, utilizes the proprietary technology to provide a therapeutic self-massage comparable to a physiotherapist’s skilled massage. The three separate massage areas mimic the thumbs, fingers, and palms so that you can get the same massage. These three massage zones lead to blood flow and circulation to targeted areas, minimize healing time, and improve range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.

The durable core EVA foam roller is made of the finest materials and does not lose shape over time, even when used regularly. It is designed to last. Its lightweight materials render carriage breeze, and its compact nature enables you to concentrate pressure correctly on the areas affected.

These benefits are:

  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Relaxes and regeneration of fascia
  • Enhanced stability, joint flexibility, and range of motion
  • Ideal for use before and after training.
  • Reduce the healing period of joint pain and injuries from daily exercise
  • Avoid injuries and muscle pulls
  • In comparison to smooth rollers, it penetrates deep into muscle tissue for optimum advantage.
  • Self-massage with the foam roller for relaxation after a long day of substantial workout activity.
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8. Draper’s Strength Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

The Best Resistance Band

Resistance Bands constitute a significant addition to any strength or recovery regimen, and it comes in different sizes, lengths, and resistance rates.

These are also compact and convenient to store, making them suitable for use at home, workouts in hotels, or taking advantage of small spaces in the gym. Unlike free weights, fitness bands are available in several degrees of resistance, ranging from extremely extendable to full strength. This resistance band lasts for several years of training and retains its elasticity. The key to excellent toughness and tension is the continuous latex dipping process, which produces 100 microlayers in the Draper’s Strength Bands.

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9. SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine

The best treadmill 2020

The Treadmill is safe, comfortable, and reliable. Treadmill running allows you to concentrate on the purpose of the exercise, without the possibility of slipping on slippery surfaces or pains and aches, which can result in running on stiff, strained muscles. When we run in the cold weather, it takes more time for the body to warm up, and in a situation with snow or ice, your form can be affected, and tight muscle spots can be formed. You spend a lot more energy on tough weather days, and the Treadmill helps you to focus your time on your long runs, speeds, tempo, and pace. The body can recover more quickly with a natural running treadmill than with a smooth run in bad weather. 

With SereneLife Smart Digital Treadmill, you can have fun, stay active, sweaty, it is designed with digital technology for speed and stability. Experience incline and speed options at 0.6 to 6.0 mph for your tailored fitness program. Packed with powerful motor functions, long smooth running, and intense interval workouts, the SereneLife Smart Wireless Treadmill is impressively quiet and durable to make it your best choice at home.

You can link to your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity with the FitShow app. You can even monitor your automatic stats, customized workouts, competitions, and much more with the app!

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10. BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells in Pair

the best hex dumbbell 2020

Hex dumbbells are a relatively inexpensive workout enhancer, which increases the intensity of squat and lunges exercises, as well as various strength workouts. This hexagonal dumbbell shape prevents them from rolling and makes them safe and accessible at home. Hex dumbbells are ideal for integration with your fitness routine in a wide variety of weight categories

This BalanceFrom Dumbbell set comes with three pairs of dumbbells in sizes of 3, 5, and 8 pounds. A weight stand is also included.

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11. Sunny Health & Fitness 49 Lb Chromed Flywheel

The Best Treadmill 2020

The exercise bike is the perfect muscle sport for thinning your legs and thighs, as well as losing weight. But did you know that a stationary bike has a lot to offer in terms of your body and health? The secretion of very special hormones gives a sense of happiness, helps us feel more confident, decreases stress and anxiety, has antidepressant effects, reduces the risk of several diseases, and is exceptionally effective against bad cholesterol. While often unknown, these positive exercise impacts are compelling!

This stationary bike has a sturdy steel frame, 49 lb heavy weighted flywheel and a maximum user weight of 275 lb, and gives this bike a solid build that will keep it moving after riding.

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12. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

The Best Elliptical 2020

Ellipticals are widely used in the home and the health club. Ellipticals offer the advantage of low-impact training both with your upper and lower body. They are attractive to an aging generation of baby boomers. Elliptical trainers can be forgiving to aging joints while they give you proper aerobic training and help you burn calories for weight loss. There are some excellent reasons to try it if you’ve never used one of those machines.

The Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer offers cardiovascular, low-impact training from the comfort of your home. Built to ensure a smooth upper and lower body training without a wiggle on the knee joints, the Sunny Elliptical features large anti-slip platforms for stability and dynamic movement of your arms. This elliptical system provides a smooth, flowing movement of a micro tension controller.

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The ultimate goal of self-isolation is to avoid long term damage to the physical and mental health by sitting down and moving as often as possible in order to maintain fitness several times a day.

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