We keep hearing the long stories that there was a man who stopped drinking soft drinks and lost 15 pounds in a few weeks. Though the results are too good to be true, it is the fact that small changes in your lifestyle can result in big-time weight loss. When it is about weight loss for men, some minor changes in your daily routine can do wonders.

For example, you drink three bottles of soda daily. Approximately 240 calories, you can cut 4,460 calories in a week just by switching the drink for plain water. In simple words, you’ll lose 2 pounds, only by eliminating the soft drinks from your routine.

Soda is just an example, even if you don’t like soft drinks or soda, there are many simple, daily routine habits that we can change with the goods habits and can lose weight.

Weight Loss for men- the Best Ways

Have a clear goal

To begin with, your goal should be measurable and clear so you or anyone can measure it easily. Write down your goals and display it somewhere as a notice. If you want to lose a particular amount of weight, step on the weight scale before you begin.

Drink the right fluids

Water is essential for everyone, and we all should drink plenty of water—your body requires it to work properly. And it is a bonus for men who want to lose weight. Two glass of water before lunch, breakfast, and dinner results in weight loss after ten weeks. The reason is quite straightforward: It fills you up, so you eat much less than you’re routine.

If you don’t like plain water, you can add fruits to it, or you can have tea. Research shows that drinking green tea helps with lower BMIs.

Avoid carbs and junk food

These are a curse for over-weight people. They don’t have any benefits and create a favorable situation for gaining weight, including belly fat. So, keep them out of your kitchen, bedroom, and office. It’s all about the willpower; can you do it?

Eat more fruits and veggies

Instead of junk food, you should go for fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have proven that fresh fruits and vegetables can help a lot with weight loss for men. Fruits and vegetables have plenty of fiber. Start every meal with a fresh salad. Salad gives bulk to fill you up, and as a result, you eat much fewer calories overall.

Lifting weights

Follow an exercise plan that consists of lifting weights. Build muscles and burn calories daily. Cut down the rest time between the exercises. This will keep the heart rate high, and you can burn more calories.


Various research and studies have proven that ranges are practical and efficient than any more extended activity done at a lower intensity. This simple interval workout can do the job quickly.

Full-body exercises

Whether you want to lose weight or not, your exercise plan should not focus on a particular or single area of your body. In its place, incorporate workouts that involve your entire body. Think about the chin-ups, squats, deadlifts, or pushups. Activities like running, swimming, brisk walk can also help a lot.

Track your food

Weight loss for men can be achieved by tracking what you’re putting in your mouth. Use any mobile app, which helps in tracking. There are many food tracking apps that you can use. There are chances that you might be eating more, not knowingly. So it is always better to track what you are eating and when you are eating.


An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that men who eat healthy breakfast are more successful in maintaining their weight in the long-term. Some other studies have also shown the same regarding weight loss for men.

Regarding the breakfast, nothing fancy is needed, just a yogurt, a small piece of fruit, fresh salad or any similar food can give you the required doze that you need for a long, hectic day.

Eat more in the A.M.

According to several health professionals, you should eat more in the AM, and eat gradually less throughout the day time. An article published in the Journal of Nutrition stated that eating most of your food early in the day helps in weight loss for men.

Find active friends

If your pals love fried wings, nachos, pizza, or beer regularly, then you need the people who are like-minded and like to be active and healthy. It is a fact that friends can improve or can hurt success. Join a gym or club or any other group that focused on physical activities.

Put yourself first

Many persons put everybody ahead of themselves, and their health falls majorly. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you want to lose weight. Put yourself above all; it is a must for weight loss in men.

In the end:

We have heard many times consistency is the key to success. The same goes here. If you want to do it, do entirely or not even try. If you fall, jump right back. Do it until all the desired results are achieved.

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